About Us

Beckmann Technologies, Inc. started as a small family owned business engaged in the repair and remanufacture of electronic control modules used in German automobiles, primarily Mercedes-Benz. We began in February 1989 and incorporated in January 1990.

Before starting Beckmann Technologies, Inc., Bob Beckmann worked for a German company that was considered the world quality leader in supplying Test & Measurement Equipment for the Telecommunication Industry. During this time Bob was involved with development engineering on products used in this industry. Additionally, as a hobby, he has always enjoyed automotive repair and restoration.

About this time, his brother, Thomas, was participating in the apprenticeship program at Mercedes-Benz AG. During the three years he studied in Germany, he developed a thorough understanding of the Mercedes-Benz automobile. After completing the program, Tom was employed at the local dealership in Durham, North Carolina.

For many months Tom and Bob talked about the electrical problems common in some of the cars. They found it difficult to throw away expensive parts they knew could be repaired. Bob began repairing parts for mechanics' personal automobiles - with excellent results.

Before Bob knew it, the seeds for this business had been planted. Word quickly spread around town that Bob's rebuilt parts were of high quality and a lot less expensive. Even shop owners began using Bob's parts as a competitive edge for their business. They realized using quality-rebuilt parts was significantly more cost-effective.

In 1990 it was decided to go national and Beckmann Technologies, Inc. started to advertise in the Mercedes-Benz Club of American magazine, "The Star" which was followed in 1991 by expanding their advertising to "Hemmings Motor News". A website soon followed. This resulted in more exposure and allowed Beckmann Technologies to establish itself as a true competitor in the remanufactured ECM market.

Bob's business continued to grow and Beckmann Technologies, Inc. was born. We soon moved out of Bob's garage and into a 26,000 sq. ft. facility in Durham, NC. As part of our success Beckmann Technologies only employs people who share the same standard of quality and customer service. This small, but highly successful business has now gone international while still maintaining its "small town" feel.