Engine Control Modules

Bad ECM? No problem! We have re-manufacturing services available for most ECM's for 1996 and up Mercedes-Benz. Many part numbers are in stock and ready to ship. If you've got the right diagnostic equipment to program the module, there's no need to wait for us to rebuild your unit.
  • HFM
  • ME 1.0
  • ME 2.0/2.1
  • ME 2.7/2.8
  • ME 9.7
  • Siemens manufactured ECU's with part numbers beginning with 111 and 271 cannot be serviced at this time
Prices and availability vary based on the part number.
Contact us for details!

Do the units come pre-programmed?
All of our re-manufactured units are unlocked to clear out the coding data left behind from the previous vehicle. Once a unit is unlocked it must be installed into the vehicle and then programmed using a Mercedes-Benz diagnostic tool such as an SDS.

I don't have any diagnostic equipment, can you rebuild my ECM?
Maybe! If your ECM has an issue that we can rebuild when we return it to you it will retain the original VIN and coding information and you will simply plug it back into your vehicle and be on your way. Most water damaged or burned ECM's will not fall into this category though so it ultimately depends on the issue(s) your ECM is having.

Will you test the unit for me?
We offer bench testing for some ECM issues. Due to the complicated nature of how these units function, testing for things like mis-fires on the bench may not be possible depending on what type of unit you have. Before you send your unit in to be tested please contact us and we will let you know what we can do to help.

What kind of warranty do you offer?
Our re-manufactured parts come with a 1 year warranty. Please see our policies page for full details.