ECU Unlock Services for 1996-Present

In 1996 Mercedes began locking the ECU to the car that it came in. As the cars get older it becomes hard to justify spending the money for a new or re-manufactured ECU. We are able to unlock the ECU to put it into a "ready to program" state just as if it were a new unit. Once the unit is unlocked you can install it into your vehicle and use a Mercedes diagnostic tool such as the SDS to program it to your car. At this time we are able to unlock the follow types of units:
  • HFM (104/111)
  • ME 1.0 (119/120)
  • ME 2.0/2.1 (104/111/112/113/119)
  • ME 2.7/2.8 (112/113/137)
  • ME 9.7 (272/273)
  • SIMM4 (271)
  • CDI (642/647/648)
  • Siemens manufactured ECU's with part numbers beginning with 111 cannot be unlocked at this time
Prices ranging from $250 - $300.
Contact us for details!

Is it safe to go with an unlocked unit?
Generally speaking, yes. Most used units are coming out of wrecked vehicles and if they were stored properly will be perfectly functional. We would advise avoiding flood damaged vehicles as a source for parts as water corrosion may not be visible from the outside of the unit. Please keep in mind that while the cost is cheaper, the risk is higher with used parts. There is no way to guarantee the longevity of a used part.

Can you program my unit for me?
Once unlocked, these units must be installed into the vehicle and then programmed using a Mercedes-Benz diagnostic tool such as an SDS. For ME9.7 Units, most can be programmed using our BlueLink J2534 Remoter.

Do you provide the used unit?
No, you will need to source the used unit. We are happy to provide the contact information of some reputable salvage yards that we know.

Will you test the unit for me?
We will only do a basic check for water or electrical damage as well as check for communication with the module to verify that it has been unlocked.

What's the warranty on an unlocked ECU?
Other than verify that the unit has been unlocked we do not offer any warranty or guarantee on used units that have been unlocked.

How long does this service take?
We can typically perform this service within 1-2 business days of arrival. Including a note with your contact information and what service you need done will help expedite this process.